Best Lavender Cologne | Rebul | 270ml

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  • Best Lavender Cologne | Rebul | 270ml

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  • Rebul Pharmacy introduced Lavender to Turkish people and produced Lavender Cologne, which has become a permanent part of Turkish homes for nearly a century

  • Kolonya

  • Fresh flowers used in the Rebul Eau de Cologne Series are meticulously picked from the first day on, and the extracts are left to ripen in alcohol.
  • Rebul brand eau de cologne kolonya is now available in many fragrances such as dark spice, aqua, bouquet, mandarine, lavender, ice

  • Protect from heat and sunlight

  • Grocery Near Me

  • Do not spray on fire. Keep out of the reach of children
  • Product of Turkey

  • How and Where to apply fragrance youtube video

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