Brio Soda Chinotto | 355ml

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  • Brio Soda Chinotto - 355ml

  • Shake well before consuming
  • What flavour is Brio chinotto?

    The Citrus Myrtifolia is a Myrtle leaved orange tree with a sour, bitter fruit. From this tree is harvested the chinotto extract which is the unique and inimitable flavour or essence of Brio Chinotto
  • Brio soft drink

  • Why is chinotto black?

  • Born in the '50s, Chinotto is made from extracts of zesty sun-ripened chinotto oranges that get their distinct flavour from the unique conditions of the Mediterranean land. A deep brown colour with a light carbonation that rolls off the tongue, every sip is a journey to the south of Italy with the iconic Chinotto.
  • Store in a cool, dry place 

  • Refrigerate after opening  
  • Product of Italy


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