Eau de cologne | Rebul Mandarin | Kolonya Mandalina | 100ml

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  • Eau de cologne | Rebul Mandarin | Kolonya Mandalina | 100ml

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  • If you are hosting a guest at your home, Turkish cologne is the traditional and necessary scent.

  • It has a refreshing and fragrant effect, with the best aromatic contents for you and your guests

  • Mandarin Cologne

  • Bodrum Mandarine essence, fresh lime lemon, white peach that gives happiness to the body, mysterious purple African violet, romantic peony, and delicate lily flower, and Rebul Mandarine cologne come together to offer you a unique coolness and freshness

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  • Dark spice, aqua, bouquet, mandarine, lavender, ice, and other Rebul brands eau de cologne kolonya fragrances are now available

  • Protect from heat and sunlight. Do not spray on fire. Keep out of the reach of children.

  • Product of Turkey

  • Difference between eau de cologne and Eau de perfume: NewYork times article


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