Edremit Olives | Marmarabirlik L vacuum | 800g

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  • Edremit Olives| Marmarabirlik L vacuum | 800g 

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  • Marmarabirlik Dogal Siyah Zeytin Salamura 
  • number of pieces: 231 - 260 / g
  • The Edremit Olive is a real black table olive with a thin skin, a little seed, and a meaty inside.
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  • The olives ripen organically on the tree and are only harvested when fully ripe, after which they are fermented in salt water.
  • Salted olives in a can, kept in salted water, with a delicate bite and a powerful, rich natural olive flavor and they taste best with clotted cream and dry fruits
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  • Whether in a beautiful salad, a casserole, homemade bread, pizza, or simply as a snack in between, Marmarabirlik olives are perfect for a variety of meals.
  • A product of Turkey
  • Marmarabirlik produces the world's best quality olives


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