Isot Pepper - 500gr

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  • Isot Pepper - 500gr

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  • This is an extra hot pepper especially used when making cig kofte

  • Isot begins as a red, sweet pepper with mild heat, which is later dried partially in the sun.
  • The taste of Urfa biber is described as smoky and earthy but with subtly sweet and acidic undertones of raisin, chocolate, or coffee. Urfa biber reaches 30,000 to 50,000 SHU on the Scoville scale, which measures heat of chile peppers. This makes Urfa biber about as spicy as cayenne peppers
  • Hot Pepper flakes

  • How do I use isot?

    How to Use Urfa Biber? Urfa biber is delicious sprinkled on vegetables, eggs, salads, and meat. You can also blend it with cumin, onion powder, cardamom or ginger for a great spice blend to use in soups and rubs for meat. It's got a nice amount of heat as well as a smoky sour flavor that adds dimension to a dish
  • One of the most popular spices that add a delicious aroma to the food
  • Product of Turkey
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