Kalamata Olives | Marmarabirlik | 400g

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  • Kalamata Olives | Marmarabirlik | 400g 

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  • The Kalamata olive, named after the city of Kalamata in Greece's southern Peloponnese, is a large, dark brown olive with a smooth, meaty texture.
  • When Kalamata olives are first harvested, they have a bitter taste comparable to black olives. 
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  • The flavor profile of kalamata olives changes once they've been cured, becoming rich, fruity, meaty, and sharp in a way that other olive kinds don't.
  • Better heart health and cancer-fighting abilities are abundant in Kalamata olives along with Iron, calcium, copper, and vitamins A and E.
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  • A product of Turkey
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