Kokoretsi | Kokorec | Kokorecci | 450g

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Kokoretsi | Kokorec | Kokorecci | 450g


Kokorec, Turkish style, frozen package

But it will be thawed when it arrives you, that does not mean product was compromised, you can freeze it again but ideally you should it it same day. We use overnight shipping.

Serving instructions: Warm it up and sprinkle cumin, oregano and hot red scaled peppers

Kokorec Toronto

A mouthwatering feast of flavours, kokoreç is actually goat or lamb intestines wrapped around sweetbreads and roasted over a charcoal or wood fire. ... Spicy, tender and succulent in every way, this kokoreç is a real treat for the tastebuds!

This food is lamb offal wrapped in lamb intestines and it is a roast 

In Greece, kokoretsi, is a traditional appetizer served during Easter to break the Lenten fast


450 to 500 gr


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