Lahmajoun | Meat Pizza | Halal | Lahmajun | 6 pack

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  • Lahmajoun | Meat Pizza | Halal | Lahmajun | 6 pack

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  • Perfect quick meal solution
  • Can heat it up pin microwave without losing quality
  • Turks eat it by wrapping salad inside
  • Lahmajun

  • Lahmacun (lahmajoun) is a very tasty, round, and thin piece of flatbread topped with spiced mince meat. It is also known as Turkish pizza or Turkish flatbread. The word "lahmacun" means "meat with dough".
  • For an authentic Turkish food experience, serve warm lahmacun with vibrant shepherd's salad (cucumbers, tomato, olives, and feta cheese with lemon juice and olive oil) and end your meal with Turkish tea or coffee.
  • Halal food. Pack of 6. Sold frozen.
  • Delicious Turkish street food in Istanbul, Turkey


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