Lemon Tea | Dogadan | 20Teabags

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  • Lemon Tea | Dogadan | 20Teabags

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  • Is there anything better than making a cup of tea when life hands you Dogadan lemon tea?
  • It is a simple, pleasant, and delicious beverage and enhances the mood of everybody when consumed
  • Fruit Tea

  • Many people enjoy a cup of warm lemon tea first thing in the morning.
  • Made from Lemon extracts, Put the Teabag in a Turkish Teacup and top with hot water, wait for some time, and enjoy!
  • Serve along with Turkish delight and Baklava for a Sumptuous experience
  • Middle Eastern Grocery Store

  • A product of Turkey
  • Journey of Tea by Dogadan
  • Watch the Goodness, taste, and freshness of Tea


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