Olive oil Soap | Rosemary | Dalan | 175g

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  • Olive oil Soap |  Rosemary | Dalan  | 175g

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  • Rosemary Oil has antiseptic properties that are beneficial to skin conditions such as eczema. Olive oil revitalizes your skin with its high vitamin E content and anti-oxidant properties, the fragrance of rosemary peps up your essence.
  • Dalan Soap

  • Dalan soap ingredients, especiallyOlive oil is a pantry staple known for its health benefits in our diets, and it turns out that it may also be beneficial to our skin. Olive oil is high in vitamins and antioxidants and has been linked to improved skin moisturization, anti-aging effects, and sun protection
  • Rosemary is a refreshing antiseptic that tones and balances the skin. Rosemary helps to unclog pores acne and oily skin while maintaining skin balance. Rosemary's antimicrobial properties help oily and acneic skin prevent future breakouts
  • Your skin and you are revitalized and invigorated.
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  • A product of Turkey
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