Reis SIYEZ bulgur - 1000g

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  • Reis SIYEZ bulgur - 1000g

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  • Reis Brand
  • It is the only variety of bulgur that has not undergone genetic modification since 10,000 years ago. It is the first wheat in history thanks to its N-14 chromosome.
  • It is the distinctive item, known as Noah's Flavors, that has been chosen for the premium.
  • Bulgur Grocery Store

  • There are several advantages to this product fading into obscurity.
  • Siyez wheat is produced by drying it after it has been boiled and cracked in a stone mill using conventional techniques.
  • It has single-grain bulgur, ears, and a glumed structure.
  • A product of Turkey
  • Siyez Bulgur Pilaf - It Is Also Suitable For Diet With Its Fibrous Structure



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