Strong Mint Tea | Dogadan | 40g

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  • Strong Mint Tea | Dogadan | 40g

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  • Mint tea, made from peppermint leaves, is popular in Middle Eastern and other cultures around the world. 
  • Mint's fresh scent makes it an excellent choice in hot or cold weather, and as a naturally low-calorie drink, it can help reduce your overall calorie consumption, assisting you in meeting your weight-loss goals.
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  • Limit the amount of added sugar in your mint tea to keep it healthy.

  • The package contains 20 Teabags
  • The peppermint flavor of the mint is unique and refreshing. Drink it along with Turkish Baklava and Crackers 
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  • A product of Turkey
  • Interesting facts about Mint herbal tea
  • One cup of Dogadan green tea makes you refreshing!


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