Tulumba dessert 262gr

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  • Tulumba dessert 262gr

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  • This delicious, extra-syrupy, bite-sized tulumba is a must-try if you have a sweet tooth!
  • Tulumba pastries are oblong-shaped, sweet pastries that are moist and sweet.
  • Tulumbe

  • They are prepared with golden, crispy deep-fried dough that is then covered in a sweet, fragrant syrup. Simply amazing!

  • Tulumba was traditionally cooked for Ramadan and eaten cold, but it is now one of the most widely consumed Turkish street foods.
  • Turkish Bakery

  • Storage: Keep in the fridge, expiration date 6 months long, syrup packed aside
  • Made in Canada
  • Click here to watch How to make tulumba 


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