Turkish Black Tea | 500g

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  • Turkish Black Tea | 500g

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  • Indulge in the rich and aromatic tradition of Turkish tea with Dogadan Rize Black Tea, a 500g package that captures the essence of the famous Rize tea region.
  • sourced from the lush and verdant tea gardens of Rize, on the eastern Black Sea coast of Turkey, this black tea is renowned for its robust flavor and distinctive aroma.
  • Dogadan Tea

  • Each cup is a journey through the unique terroir of Rize, which imparts a deep, earthy richness to the tea leaves.
  • Prepared with care and expertise, it offers a delightful balance of strength and flavor.
  • Whether you prefer it steeped strong and dark or with a lighter touch, this tea is the perfect companion for your daily moments of relaxation.


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