Vine Leaves In Brine | Vacuum Bag | 400g

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  • Vine Leaves In Brine | Vacuum Bag | 400g

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  • Orsini Brand

  • Grape leaves, which are the leaves of the grapevine plant, are used in a variety of cultures’ cuisines.
  • Grape Leaves

  • Stuff these flavorful grape leaves with a delectable mixture of rice, pork, and plenty of fresh herbs and toasty spices, then simmer in a bright lemony broth.
  • Stuffed grape leaves, commonly known as dolmas or dolmades, are perhaps the most well-known Mediterranean dish.
  • Turkish Grocery

  • Everyone's favorite is homemade dolmas, which will always remind you of your mother's Mediterranean cooking.
  • Product of Turkey
  • How to Make Stuffed Grape Leaves


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