Weight Loss Tea | Dogadan | 20 bags

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  • Weight Loss Tea | Dogadan | 20 bags

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  • Dogadan Tea is effective, healthy, and pocket-friendly beverage
  • To assist you in maintaining your form, Dogadan Form Tea is blended and packed in the proper ratio.
  • Each Turkish Tea glass will have the pleasant scent and lightness of the plants.
  • Herbal Tea

  • Instructions: To begin, boil drinking water as you require. Pour boiling water into the glass where you wish to drink your Dogadan Form Tea after removing it from its box. Allow 3-4 minutes for your tea to brew before drinking.
  • Store the package in a cool dry place
  • Toronto Market

  • Add cholesterol-free Pistachio to go with your diet
  • A product of Turkey
  • Click here to see how tea is made: From Garden to Cup
  • "Let the form come before the summer comes!" says Dogadan


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