Balkan Yogurt

  • May 27, 2022

Balkan Yogurt

Balkan yogurt is also known as Suzme yoghurt. It is a Turkish strained yogurt that is extra thick and creamy In Turkish mezzes and dips, strained yoghurt is traditionally used. This type of yogurt has a higher protein content than regular yogurt. 

It tastes similar to traditional Turkish yogurt recipe of Turkish food cuisine. It is also used to make Ayran the yogurt drink, garlic yogurt. 

Yogurt is also high in protein, vitamins, and minerals, so live and active probiotic yogurt products are a great addition to any healthy diet. Order it from our Middle eastern grocery store and add this traditional Balkan yogurt to your diet for overall well being.

Balkan Yogurt

Balkan Style Yogurt

Balkan-style yogurt, which is often called set-style yogurt, is any type of yogurt that is allowed to ferment inside individual containers rather than in a large vat. This type of yogurt is commonly seen in stores and is nearly always used for yogurt that is packaged with fruit on the bottom.

Balkan style yogurt

Balkan Food

Balkan food has a  wide range of flavors that are both strong and spicy. Pickled vegetables and small hot peppers are staples, with peppers showing up in ajvar spread.

Apart from Balkan yogurt, we also carry Acuka, Cetenija, Bosnian cookie
Albanian sujuk, tulumbe, pastry sheets, Basturma, burek, and Serbian coffee.

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Balkan Grocery

Benefits of consuming strained yogurt

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