Balkan Yogurt | Strained Yogurt | 475g

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  • Balkan Yogurt | Strained Yogurt | 475g

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  • Suzme yogurt is another name for this product
  • Turkish strained yogurt called "suzme" is an extra thick and creamy yogurt. Traditionally, strained yogurt is used in Turkish mezze and dips. This yogurt type contains a higher protein density than regular yogurt.
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  • The thick and creamy texture of Balkan Yogurt is perfect for making a variety of dishes, such as dips, dressings, smoothies, and even desserts.
  • Whether enjoyed on its own or as a delicious addition to your favorite meals, Balkan Yogurt is a versatile and tasty option for anyone looking for a healthy and satisfying snack.
  • Sold in plastic containers. 
  • Made in Canada


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