Boza | Ancient Probiotic drink | 500ml

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  • Boza | Ancient Probiotic drink | 500ml

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  • There is no dairy in this product
  • It is made of grains by fermenting them
  • Boza has been found to have several health benefits: the drink helps to balance blood pressure, increases milk production in lactating women, and facilitates digestion. it is a valuable nutrient to physically active people, as it contains
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  • Vitamins A, c, e, and four types of vitamin B
  • The probiotic drink is thick in  consistency, sweet and sour
  • Pharaohs of Egypt used to drink to smarten up
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  • Story of Boza
  • Product of Turkey
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  • How much alcohol is in boza?

Boza is made of various kinds of cereals (usually millet, maize, and wheat), but boza of the best quality and taste is made of millet flour. In the Balkans, such as Bulgaria, cocoa is also included in the boza recipe. Boza produced in Egypt has high alcohol content (up to 7% by volume) and is consumed as beer

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  • Can you get drunk off boza?

Well, since it had undergone some fermentation, it contains traces of alcohol but don't worry, your stomach's expansion limits will prevent you from getting drunk by its ~0.9% alcohol. The boza is made from baked wheat flour or millet and has a sweet and slightly sour taste. 


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