What is Simit

  • Jul 03, 2021

The first thing that comes to mind from Turkey's iconic street food is Simit, which has won hearts with its legendary crispness. Dating back to the Ottoman Empire in the 1500s, this flavor is also known as Turkish Simit. If you want, let's take an in-depth look at this flavor you can get from Turkish market Toronto.

It is one of the important parts of life in Turkey and especially breakfast culture. The sesame-covered round shape combines with the molasses used to add flavor and color and leaves a very pleasant sweetness in the mouth. Especially if you are someone who likes to eat breakfast, the first thing you want to buy from Turkish Grocery Store should be simit.

What to eat with Simit?

Although simit tastes great on its own, its real pleasure comes with other products that accompany it.

It has a great harmony with tulum and feta cheese, tomato, cucumber and olive paste, which you can buy from Turkish stores. Indispensable for Turkish breakfasts, it is the most important partner of Turkish black tea in culture. Simit and Turkish black tea have an inseparable harmony.

Turkish Simit from Turkishmart.ca

You can order Turkish Simit, carefully prepared and frozen in packs of four, from your home. Order from Turkishmart.ca without searching for Turkish Market Near Me, and we'll bring this amazing flavor to your door.

Whether you already know the taste of Simit or you are going to try it for the first time, you will love this crispy flavor with Turkish black tea.

Crispy Turkish Simit

Although they look similar, there are different types and flavors of Turkish Bagels. The most prominent among these is Gevrek, which also has a name of its own. This version of Turkey's Izmir region differs from other bagels as it does not contain milk.

Gevrek, which is cooked differently than traditional bagels, therefore has a more crispy taste. If you go to Turkey anyway, you will hear people living in Izmir call it "Cıtır Simit" or "Gevrek".

Buy Turkish Simit from Turkishmart.ca

You can order as you wish from Turkishmart.ca, one of Canada's most reliable Turkish markets. Along with all other Turkish delicacies, we deliver your Simit order to you in a short time.

Turkish delicacies, which differ from the products of other countries thanks to their unique flavors, are waiting for you at one of the Turkish Supermarket, Turkishmart.ca.

Simit Recipes

One of the most searched questions on the internet is Turkish bagel recipes. Although it is not possible to make traditional bagels at home, we would like to tell you the traditional recipe of Turkish bagels before your order.

Simit, Turkey's most popular street food, is cooked in different ways in different ovens. The most traditional recipe is the combination of flour, sesame and fig molasses. These bagels are mostly consumed in and around Istanbul. However, there are versions that vary in different regions of Turkey. Many versions such as Bursa Simit, Eskişehir Simit, Rize Simit, Kastamonu Bagel are consumed fondly by millions of people.

You can easily order this delicacy from Turkishmart.ca and start eating it for your breakfast in a few days. Don't forget to buy complementary products such as tomato, cucumber, olive paste with your simit order.

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