Dessert Etobicoke | Gullac | 300g

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  • Dessert Etobicoke | Gullac | 300g

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  • Ege brand
  • Make delicious baked Turkish dessert with EGE Gullac mix
  • Prepare with ground pistachio or walnut
  • Serve with rose water
  • Plain cornstarch sheets
  • Product of Turkey
  • Dessert Delivery Toronto

  • Preparation:

    For 1 pack of Ege Güllaç, 2 liters of milk are boiled for 5 minutes with sugar (600 g.) at your request. Saccharin (sweetener) can be substituted for light milk and sugar in diets. The milk is expected to warm up. Between them, walnuts or hazelnuts are placed, and they are arranged on a tray of the desired size. Depending on the season, at the end of the leaves, vanillin or rose water is added to the remaining milk to obtain a different flavor. or topped with pistachios

  • Easy Turkish milk dessert recipe


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