Turkish Dessert Mix | Revani | Basak | 500g

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  • Turkish Dessert Mix | Revani | Basak | 500g

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  • Revani is a traditional Turkish semolina cake with simple sugar syrup for sweetness. It has a light lemon flavor and a moist texture.
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  • Finely crush Pistachio or any other nuts and add them to the top of the semolina cake for the best experience
  • Contains wheat and dairy products.
  • Store in a cool and dry place
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  • Product of Turkey
  • Revani is a traditional Turkish dessert that has been around since the Ottoman era. It is said that the Ottomans named it after conquering the city of Yerevan in what is now Armenia. The Greek culture also uses the Persian name for the cake, revani. Many Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures have adapted this dessert. In Arabic, it is known as basbousa, and in Armenian, it is known as shamali.
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