Sujuk soujuk sucuk | Ikbal | Mild

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  • Sujuk soujuk sucuk | Ikbal | Mild

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  • It is one of the most common items in Turkish cuisine, especially for breakfast. 
  • Sucuk (or soudjouk, sujuk) is a popular spicy Turkish sausage made with ground meat and unique spices including cumin, fenugreek, garlic, sumac, and red pepper.
  • Halal Meat

  • Storage Conditions: Keep refrigerated between 35°F – 39°F (2°C – 4°C)
  • Packaging Details: Easy open vacuum pack
  • Product of Ikbal, a leading soujouk brand in Turkey
  • Produced in the USA
  • Halal food

  • You can serve sucuk alone or with eggs and crusty bread for breakfast, or add it to white bean stew just like Turkish pastirma. Sucuk is also a delicious topping for pizza. 
  • Turkish Food Market

  • Delivered to GTA same day, and shipped to outside of Toronto only during cold seasons
  • What is Turkish sausage


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