Cocoa Butter Soap | Dalan | 100g

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  • Cocoa Butter Soap | Dalan | 100g

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  • Natural skin moisturizer soap with cream base and cocoa butter extracts

  • When applied topically, it creates a barrier between sensitive skin and the environment and also helps retain moisture.
  • Rich cocoa fragrance natural ingredients of cream and cocoa butter extracts
  • Turkish Soap

  • Dalan soap ingredients especially Cocoa Butter have been called the ultimate moisturizer and have been used to keep skin soft and supple for centuries.
  • Vitamin e-rich and high in antioxidants for healthy skin

  • Your skin will feel moisturized and refreshed, and regular use will nourish, strengthen, and soften your hair naturally. Our soap is also excellent for preventing and treating hair loss and dandruff.

  • Turkish Store

  • You'll love it once you try it!
  • Natural scent and color. There are no additives
  • A product of Turkey
  • Dalan D'olive products commercial

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