Asure | Ashura | Basak | 200g

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    Asure | Ashura | Basak | 200g

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  • It is an ancient Turkish dessert packed with healthy desserts
  • 3-4 servings 
  • Halal Desserts Toronto

  • Ashura, also known as Noah's pudding, is a dessert porridge made of grains, fruits, dried fruits, and nuts.
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  • Product of Turkey
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  • The dessert, whose history dates back to the origins of time! It is now very simple to make this dessert, which traditionally takes days to prepare and requires skill to match the ratio of the ingredients. It contains grains and legumes such as wheat paste, chickpeas, and beans; this product can be prepared with either water or milk and contains dried fruits such as apricot, orange peel, and grapes.
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