Basak Inegol Kofte Harci | 75g

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  • Basak Inegol Kofte Harci | 75g

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  • Make soft and juicy meatballs with a Turkish spice mix
  • The product contains sweet and hot Red pepper, Isot pepper, cumin, garlic powder, and parsley
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  • No need to add salt or spices
  • In Turkey, meatballs are referred to as "kofte." Almost every Turkish city has a kofte dish named after it.
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  • Inegol meatbal recipe is a 500 year old tradition from ottoman cuisine originating near the old capital city Bursa. It takes 3 days to make these Turkish meatballs because there is yeast in the recipe. The recipe comes with its own unique meatball spice and that is why it is named like this.


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