Bergama style Tulum cheese 450 gr (-/+)

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Bergama style Tulum  cheese 450 gr (-/+)

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Not halal

    • This is actually a Greek cheese but to accurately define the taste we have come up with this name. Currently importing meat or dairy products from Turkey is still banned but hopefully not for long. $36.99/kg roughly 500gr packages.
    • Tulum cheese is made by heating high-fat goat's milk to a temperature of 30 °C (86 °F) and subsequently souring it through the addition of starter culture.
    • Commercial Tulum is made of goat's milk with a lower fat content and kneaded with water buffalo or sheep milk, ripened in cowskin casings

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    • The Tulum cheese of Izmir differs from other regional Tulum cheese varieties in processing and characteristic. Produced in Aegean Region provinces like, it is made of raw milk heated to 60–65 °C (140–149 °F), and cooled immediately down to acidifying temperature.
    • What does Tulum cheese taste like?
    • Tulum cheese (Turkish: Tulum peyniri) is a traditional Turkish goat's milk cheese ripened in a goatskin casing, called Tulum in Turkish. Due to its unique flavor, it is preferred as meze to rakı in Turkey
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