Braided cheese | Chechil | 100gr

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  • Braided cheese | Chechil | 100gr

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  • Georgian chechil cheese braided smoked 
  • Non GMO
  • Brined string cheese popular in Armenia and Georgia. It has a consistency approximating that of mozzarella or sulguni and is produced in the form of dense strings, rolled up in a figure eight of thick braid-shaped ropes
  • High source of protein
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  • Pasteurized cow's milk is made into blocks of curd which are then heated and shaped into distinctive strings, in a method similar to that of other pasta filata cheeses. The braids are then smoked
  • Product of Georgia
  • It is a kneaded or pulled cheese, and the art of the cheese-maker is in stretching it thin so that it yields a "chicken-breast texture". The cheese is often sold braided in thick ropes
  • Chechil is an all-natural smoked, braided, string-cheese snack handmade from pasteurized cow milk. Especially popular in Europe, Russia, and Central Asian countries with origins in Armenia, Chechil is also enjoyed by beer drinkers and cheese enthusiasts across the globe


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