Goat Cheese | 200gr

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  • Goat Cheese | 200gr

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  • Not halal
  • It has a having a tart, earthy flavor
  • Turkish Breakfast

  • Has a lower lactose content than cow's milk.
  • Higher proportion of medium-chain fatty acids such as caproic and caprylic in goat's milk contributes to the characteristic tart flavor of goat's milk cheese
  • Goat cheese is made from goat milk and is healthier and better than the cheese made from cow milk. It has lesser lactose, lower sodium, smaller and easy to digest fats, and similar if not higher vitamins and minerals levels as compared to cow cheese
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  • In the simplest form, goat cheese is made by allowing raw milk to naturally curdle, and then draining and pressing the curds
  • Product of Canada
  • 40.99/kg


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