Isot Biber | Basak Hot Red Pepper | 70g

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  • Isot Biber | Basak Hot Red Pepper | 70g 

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  • Urfa Biber, commonly known as Isot, is a dried Turkish chili pepper of the Capsicum annuum kind grown in Turkey's Urfa region.
  • Its flavor is frequently characterized as smokey and raisin-like and ripens to a dark maroon on the plant.
  • Halal spices

  • Its flavor intensifies as it is cooked, less spicy than many other chili peppers, but it lasts longer.
  • Traditionally used in Turkey in meat, pasta, and savory foods
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  • Middle Eastern Grocery Store

  • From salads to pasta sauces red pepper brightens and brings out the flavors of other ingredients, as well. 
  • Product of Turkey
  • Check out the benefits of spicy food.


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