Ulker Cikolatali Gofret | Chocolate wafer | 40g

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  • Ulker Cikolatali Gofret  | Chocolate wafer | 40g

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  • Get the premium quality Ulker Cikolatali Gofret(chocolate-covered wafer) in the Ulker brand.
  • Chocolate wafer cookies are a slightly larger version of the embossed, bold, chocolate-flavored wafers used to make traditional OREO cookies.
  • Halal Chocolate wafer

  • Use these chocolate cookies whole to decorate cakes and make ice cream sandwiches, or break these snack cookies apart to top ice cream or as a recipe mix-in
  • Turkish food market

  • Ulker also has white chocolate wafers and bitter chocolate wafers.
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  • Product of Turkey
  • The History of Ulker Brand


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