Cig Kofte | Cigkofte | 1 kg pack

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  • Cig Kofte | Cigkofte | 1 kg pack

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  • This is a vegan snack made with bulgur (boulgour), tomato paste, and red pepper paste, usually preferring hot pepper paste, isot pepper, hot sauce 
  • Serve with whole lettuce leaves, and wrap it in the lettuce leaves to better enjoy your Turkish appetizer
  • Çiğ köfte

  • This specialty of southeastern Turkey is a famous raw vegan dish, served almost cold as an appetizer or meze. This delicious taste snack is prepared with finely ground bulgur (cracked wheat), tomato paste or hot red pepper paste, and various spices. You can serve it either shaped into balls or in one piece, along with lettuce leaves and fresh herbs.
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