Bulgarian Feta | Krinos 1kg | Turkish market

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  • Bulgarian feta | Krinos | 1kg | Turkish market

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  • Greek Feta: Traditionally made from sheep's milk, although sometimes a little goat's milk is blended in.
  • Bulgarian Feta: Made from sheep's milk. Creamier texture, but the saltiness varies. Sometimes it has a little bit of a grassy or "sheepy" flavor mixed in with a yeasty, tangy finish
  • Krinos Bulgarian feta cheese

  • Enjoy your Krinos Feta cheese with Turkish olives

  • Get your Krinos Bulgarian feta cheese at our Turkishmart
  • For grocery delivery Toronto order from the Turkish market
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  • Product of Bulgaria 
  • Check out the recipe for pizza with Feta cheese
  • Know where your Feta cheese is coming from 


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