Cream Caramel mix | Basak | 110g

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  • Cream Caramel mix | Basak | 110g

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  • Caramel cream is salty, sweet, and irresistibly buttery. It is an orange-brown confectionery product made from a variety of sugars heated together.
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  • Also add Whipping cream, Molasses, and Ice cream powder to make delicious Turkish desserts
  • Use It as a flavoring for puddings and desserts, a filling for bonbons, and a topping for ice cream and custard.
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  • Product of Turkey
  • Creme Caramel is a light dessert that is perfect for lunch. This dessert, which is extremely difficult to make using traditional methods, is now very simple to make thanks to Basak. If desired, egg yolk is added during the cooking process. The baking process required in the traditional preparation method is not required.
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