Dry Yeast Near Me | Basak Maya | 3x10g

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  • Dry Yeast Near Me | Basak Maya | 3x10g

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  • Instant yeast can be mixed directly into dry ingredients, whereas active dry yeast must first be dissolved and rehydrated in warm water.

  • Instant yeast needs less time to rise

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  • Halal ingredients
  • Product of Turkey
  • Instaferm yeast substitute

  • Can you replace active dry yeast with instant yeast?

    To use instant yeast in place of active dry, skip the step of dissolving the yeast in liquid and add it directly to your dough. You should add the water or other liquid that was meant for activating your liquid ingredients, so you're retaining the same total amount of liquid
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  • Basak Maya Instant Dry Yeast, no need to mix with water 
  • A product of Turkey
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