Soap Canada | Cucumber & Milk | Dalan | 3x90g

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  • Soap Canada | Cucumber & Milk | Dalan | 3x90g

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  • Acne, wrinkles, eye swelling, irritation, and skin blackness can all be reduced with its use. 
  • Natural fragrance and color. No additives.
  • Dalan Soap Ingredients

  • Dalan soap ingredients contain 96 percent cucumber and thus alleviate skin dehydration. Skin is left refreshed, clean, and soft. If you use cucumber as a soap, it will refresh your skin.
  • You'll love it once you've used it!
  • Cucumber soap benefits: Reduces swelling, and puffiness, and provides a base for hydration
  • Milk deeply cleanses pores and removes acne-causing bacteria
  • Get your Dalan Multi Care ultra-moisturizing cream soap from our Turkish Store
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  • A product of Turkey
  • Suitable for frequent use
  • Check out the benefits of Cucumber for skin

  • Dalan D'olive products commercial

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