Eau de cologne | Rebul Fig | Incir Kolonya | 270ml

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  • Eau de cologne | Rebul Fig | Incir Kolonya | 270ml

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  • Sweet Fig Fantasy When you smell Rebul Fig Blossom, you'll get a burst of citrus fruits and bergamot that exudes joy and happiness
  • Rebul Fig Blossom

  • It has a sophisticated character thanks to the scents of green plants at its heart, which blend perfectly with white flowers
  • If you are hosting a guest at your home, Turkish cologne is the traditional and necessary scent
  • Convenience Store Etobicoke

  • It has a refreshing and odoriferous effect for you and your guests, with the best aromatic contents
  • Dark spice, aqua, bouquet, mandarine, lavender, ice, and other Rebul brands eau de cologne kolonya fragrances are now available
  • Product of Turkey
  • Difference between eau de cologne and Eau de perfume: NewYork times article


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