Frying pan | FMS Granite Stone Cast Pan | 18cm

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  • Frying pan | FMS Granite Stone Cast Pan | 18cm

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  • Dokum Granit Sahan  
  • Yumurta sahani | Frying pan, small, dokum granit
  • Small: 18 cm (7.09 in)
  • 4mm Bottom
  • Aesthetic and durable exterior
  • Non-stick
  • Kitchenware Canada

  • Keeps the food warm as it retains the heat for a long time
  • Scratch-resistant, durable, and environment-friendly granite inner-outer coating
  • Use wooden or plastic spoons for longevity.
  • High-layered granite-reinforced layers do not allow abrasion.
  • Special sole dissipates heat quickly and evenly, with a thick base that saves energy
  • Hand wash for long-lasting use
  • Product of Turkey


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