Hazelnut Crocan | Koska | 50g

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  • Hazelnut Crocan | Koska | 50g

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  • Findik krokan Individual package
  • Koska Hazelnut Crocan is a delicious treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth
  • Hazelnut Snack

  • Crocan is a crispy and crunchy food made by caramelizing granulated sugar with honey and hazelnuts on the stove
  • The Koska Crocan can be crushed and added to the jam and honey. As a result, you can eat it for breakfast
  • Grocery Store

  • Crushing or cutting it into small pieces can also add flavor to your desserts
  • Product of Turkey
  • Click here to read the history of the Koska brand
  • Koska Commercial


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