Marmarabirlik 2XS | 800g

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  • Marmarabirlik 2XS | 800g

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  • 381 - 410 olives/ kg in saltwater
  • The Marmarabirlik Black Olives have fleshy olives.
  • You can capture beautiful and diverse flavors by using them not only for breakfast but also in a variety of other dishes
  • Black Olives

  • Rich flavors can be obtained by adding them to appetizers,  cheese, dry fruits, and salads.
  • Olives have numerous health benefits. It is beneficial to the hair and skin, as well as the digestive system.
  • Olives taste best when they are chopped up and added to your cooked Meat
  • Middle Eastern Grocery

  • Order from Turkish market for grocery delivery Toronto
  • A product of Turkey
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  • Have you tried black olive pesto pasta? If not check out the recipe and you are welcome :)


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