Natural Wax | Camsakizi | 240ml

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  • Natural Wax | Camsakizi | 270ml

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  • Cam Sakizi Super Wax
  • Camsakizi warm wax removes unwanted hair and leaves your skin silky smooth and silky.
  • Natural Wax

  • Instructions: Boil for 10 minutes the Pine Gum jar (do not let water into the Pine Gum). Pour the melted Pine Gum on your kitchen marble or concrete in the amount needed. After it has cooled down, lift the spilled pine gum with two fingers. Extend and fold the Pine Gum in your hand, as if it were a piece of gum. The Pine Gum will turn pure and yellow in this manner. Place it in a convenient location. Pull the wax upwards by grabbing the lower end. When you use Pine Gum, your body should not be wet or sweaty
  • Grocery Store

  • Cosmetic supply, traditional wax
  • Product of Turkey
  • Follow these post-waxing tips to take care of your skin 


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