Olive tapenade | Olive paste | 40gr

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  • Olive tapenade | Olive paste |  40gr

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  • Marmarabirlik Black Olives Paste (sade zeytin ezmesi) - 175g & 340g  variations 
  • It's traditionally served on bread, but you can also use it in appetizers like bruschetta, stir a little into pasta or sauces, use it as a meat marinade, and add it to soups and stews. 
  • Olive Paste

  • To add a savory boost, roll a spoonful into bread or pizza dough.
  • When stored in cold, olive oil will freeze. Keep in the refrigerator after the package is opened. 
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  • Product of Turkey
  • Marmarabirlik is the world's largest olive organization, click HERE to know more.
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