Prayer mat | 1 Prayer rug | Namaz | Blue

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  • Prayer mat | 1 Prayer rug | Namaz | Blue

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  • Soft fabric
  • Salat rug
  • Prayer rug

  • Arabic sajjāda, Persian namāzlik, one of the major types of rug produced in central and western Asia, is used by Muslims primarily to cover the bare ground or floor while they pray. Prayer rugs are characterized by the prayer niche, or mihrab, an arch-shaped design at one end of the carpet.
  • How can you tell a prayer rug?

    The primary indicator of a prayer rug is the “Mihrab” – a niche triangle apex motif woven into the upper end of the rug that indicates where the devotee places one's head during his five times a day prayer.
  • Namazlag
  • Made in Turkey
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