Sujuk | with Egg | Ikram | 450g

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  • Sujuk | with Egg | Ikram | 450g

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  • For this, you will need some butter, eggs, and one piece of sucuk Turkish sausage.
  • Takes 2-3 minutes to prepare
  • For the ideal experience, you make it in a special pan, ideally copper, but the iron cast is also OK
  • You are supposed to serve it in this pan and dip your extra fluffy Turkish flatbread into the juice of the dish and wipe it clean at the end before it gets cold.
  • Sprinkling some black pepper on top and using mild hot sujuk enhances the experience.
  • Sucuk

  • After you make yourself a nice glass of Turkish tea in the special double pot teapot and serve it in the Turkish tea glasses usually with patterns on them such as flowers, butterflies, or even evil eye.
  • With your tea have some baklava or kunefe or asure
  • Or come by our store we make it all for you.
  • Turkish food market

  • Packaging Details: Easy open vacuum pack

  • Product of Ikbal, a leading soujouk brand in Turkey

  • Produced in the USA

  • Halal food. Delivered to GTA same day, and shipped to outside of Toronto only during the cold season


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